Hello and Welcome, I am the GEORGIA FREEMAN and I also go by the moniker the Anti-Statist Athiest.

What does this mean?

This means that I am going to do my best to logically fight false systems of belief and argue for reason and evidence and truth.

So how do I plan to do this? 

  1. I will Define my terms
  2. I will Present my ideas and arguments
  3. I will Defend my positions

What will I cover?

1st I will present a series of positions that I hold and argue for them.   Then if I ever run out of my own positions, I will begin to respond to current events, other people’s positions and arguments that I find interesting.  I will try and teach based on my ideas first and then use current events and other people to inspire me.

What are my goals?  I am here to fight for freedom; meaning - personal freedom, mental freedom, spiritual freedom, a stateless society, a voluntary society, a place where we can be free to be ourselves and own our own bodies.  I want you to be able to put what YOU want into your own body when you want.  I want you to be free to do with your body as you wish as long as you do not interfere with or injure someone else.  Simple… right?

Why do I have these goals?  I have been an independent researcher and consumer of information for a while and I feel compelled to share my perspective and argue for a voluntary life.

I love ideas and information and self-knowledge.  I love learning so much so that my wife and I choose to homeschool our children to allow our children to be responsible for themselves and learn to love learning for the sake of knowledge.  In doing the research to come to this decision, I found 2 primary schools of thought; 

  1. Religiosity, or those believing in a so called God.  Essentially saying that there exists a consciousness with a power that we cannot understand.  In effect claiming that there is a giant unicorn in the sky or some other unseen entity that is all-mighty or all-knowing, or some other unearthly power.  This group, generally, does not believe that the government should be able to tell them what to believe in or rule them.  Instead they defer to some other greater unseen consciousness.  Some ultimate force that there is no evidence for.  The proverbial Daddy in the sky that supplants the need for these earthly leaders or rulers.  This Daddy says do as I say, not as I do.  Be good and moral and give my representatives money or you will be punished because I love you.
  2. Statists or individuals who believe in the power of the government (Defined as that group having a monopoly on violence in a given area).  Those who believe that another human being has special rights or privileges granted to them (by those with a monopoly on violence), that you or I don’t have.  This is a general group of people that believes others should be in charge of them and “take” care of them.  The proverbial Daddy figure that is the state.  This daddy figure offers goodies to those that it takes under its wing and says vote for me and give me your love and I will give you things.  It says if you worship me and follow me, I will give you education, healthcare, peace, love and happiness.  It promises anything to gain your acceptance.

Why do you need these Daddies?  Why does there need to be something outside of you that rules you?  Why can’t you just be responsible for yourself?  Why can’t you just rule yourself and participate in voluntary relationships?  Why give up your volition? 

So, ultimately I am here to destroy the illusion of Law… Gods law or man’s law.  I am here to destroy the illusion of Rulers, that any man or god rules over you.  I am here to argue for true freedom and personal responsibility

Please allow me to quote one of my favorite researchers and authors.  Please note that I have modified this slightly to suit my purposes.  I have added in the words, statism and atheist into the quote as I am focused not only on spiritualy based religion, but also on statist religions as well.  I am anti-myctisism.

According to the late DM Murdoch. “ And yes, I am here to destroy. I am the intellectual aspect of Kali, the destroyer, of Shiva, of Zeus the thunderer, and of Jehovah the flattener of cities. But I am also a part and parcel of the Creative Life Force that permeates the cosmos, and upon the ruined foundations of dead and rotten ideologies I build anew. I construct a better creation with a more solid and universal foundation, one not built upon the mental quicksand of racism, sexism, statism and “chosen people” of one ethnicity or another. I build anew atop this foundation that wisdom is found in every culture, race and creed, and even throughout the cosmos, as it cannot be and never has been contained in one person, one book, one race or one gender. The Truth cannot be constrained by borders and artifice. This universal foundation cannot be chipped away by niggling little forces of racial, political, statist or “religious” ideologies that teach separation and division. For, when one proudly declares he is a Christian, he is also equally proudly declaring that he is NOT a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest or any other “devilish” thing. Plain and simple, this bigotry is ugly, and it is what I’m here to destroy.  

I am the Anti-statist Atheist and I am new at this and I will grow with time. In the meantime, if you think my arguments suck or I am not clear, please feel free to let me know.  I am open to criticism but if you simply attack me because you have a different opinion or bias, I will not respond.